Teaching History

Undergraduate Lectures Within the lecture course Medieval England:

  • Exam preparation workshops 12.05.2017, 25.11.2016, 6.5.2016 (with Sarah Brazil)
  • Guest Lectures 2016: Medieval Hagiography (8.4.2016), Old English Religious literature (7.1.2016)
  • Guest Lectures 2014-15: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (21.11.2014, 27.3.2015)

University of Geneva

  MDST 2613 Sex and Sin in the Middle Ages: 5 of 12 lectures.

University of Sydney

02.2013 – 05.2013
  Guest lectures in courses in Medieval Studies and European Studies.

University of Sydney

Undergraduate Seminars 2nd-3rd year, as course designer and instructor

  • Adaptation and the Medieval Literary Tradition
  • Marriage, Sex and Chastity
  • Romances of Sir Gawain
  • Adultery, Chastity and Other Sexual Deviance in Middle English Literature
  • Reading Old English Literature: Encounters Between Pagan and Christian
  • Old English Religious Texts: A Reading Course

2nd-3rd year, as cover for a colleague on sick leave

  • Merlin (Spring 2018)

Université de Genève

03.2014– 06.2018
Undergraduate tutorials and workshops First-year workshops at Université de Genève alongside the lecture program

  • Analysis of Texts: Drama and the Novel (2018)
  • Analysis of Texts: Introduction to Narratology and Critical Theory (2015, 2016)
  • Analysis of Texts: Introduction to Drama and Poetry (2013, 2014)

Texts taught across these courses include: Hamlet (William Shakespeare), early modern to contemporary poetry (various), The Scarlet Letter (Nathaniel Hawthorne), Mrs Dalloway (Virginia Woolf) and Maps (Nuruddin Farrah).

Workshops also include tailored academic writing training for non-native speakers.

Université de Genève

09.2013 – 06.2018
  2nd-3rd year tutoring (groups of 15-25)

  • MDST 2613 Sex and Sin in the Middle Ages
  • MDST 2611 Medieval Heroes and Heroines
  • MDST 2614 The Legend of King Arthur
  • EUST 2611 European & Middle Eastern Myth & Legend

University of Sydney

  First Year teaching in English and History (groups of 25-30)

  • HSTY 1025 The Middle Ages (2013)
  • ENGL 1007 Language, Text and Time (2010)

University of Sydney

02.2013 – 06.2013,

08.2010 – 10.2010

English Language and EAP instruction Academic English (Applied Skills): accredited EAP program, including academic writing, note-taking and discussion skills, for Japanese university students. Approx 375. hours.

Westgate Corporation (private provider working with Japanese universities)


03.2019 -08.2019

  Beginners and Intermediate ESL teaching to international students, approx. 150 hours.

Sydney International English College

02.2013 – 05.2013